Avant-garde project of a contemporary house. Bold architectural solutions for daring people.


Architect - Roman Leonidov

Photographs and Video

Sofia Leonidova



Avant-garde project "ZEPPELIN"

Architect Roman Leonidov has named this countryside residence ZEPPELIN as a tribute to the air vessels that can be often seen in the art works of his namesake - Ivan Leonidov. Techno-romantic style suggested the architectural solution.
Romantic history of the dirigibles rising up to several thousand meters high and making round-the-world journeys already in the 1920's ("Graf Zeppelin" aircraft was one of the first to circle the world) is reflected in this building.
building facade, arch-shaped glass wall of the living room
Arc-shaped, counter-angled glass wall of the living room (central atrium) openly resembles the bottom part of a dirigible; and even the pattern of the divided glazing reminds us of a zeppelin nacelle.
Glass and metal - characteristics of these two essentially unlike materials bonded together make it possible to combine the incompatible.
view to the main facade, winding stairs, offset awning
The building is so complex that each of the fa├žades is to a certain extent unpredictable as an edge-of-the-seat thriller twist. The look of the house is characterized by super-mobility: a host of levels, overlapping spaces, panels significantly brought out on metal pylons - all this creates an impression of various energy flows, working forces, strain of the steel muscles or pieces of machinery.
main facade, winding stairs
view to the inner envelope, glass awning
view to the inner envelope, glass awning
view to the inner envelope, glass awning
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