The main principle in planning this residence was its openness. Huge stained-glass windows open to the pine grove; the interior spaces drifting one into another create the feeling of unity between the inside and the outside.


Architect - Roman Leonidov
Interior Designer - Zoya Samorodova

Photographs and Video

Alexey Knyazev




The style and architectural solution of this manor house are based on the key minimalist principles - spatial emptiness, functionality, and natural finishing materials.
contemporary manor house project
The house is located in the middle of the pine forest. The minimalist style chosen by the client defined the simplicity of the architectural techniques utilized in the process of working on this project. Large stained-glass windows help in making the interior an integral part of the surrounding landscape, and natural materials used in the finish of both - facades and the interior - contribute to the wholesome perception of the house.
The house consists of two units located at the angle to each other and connected by the covered gallery passageway.
contemporary residence
The common-areas unit is represented by one single space, with living room and dining room on the first level. In the mezzanine level over the kitchen is located a library.
two-level living room/dining room open to below, fireplace, timber beams
Absence of inside partitions and connecting doors combined with a large glassed area contributes to creating unified inside and outside space.
bedroom, wooden ceiling
In line with the chosen concept, the interior is dominated by the strict lines and geometrical spaces, and architectural details add to it more expression which contributes to the desired objective - to create open interior filled with air and light.
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