Countryside residence with elements of constructivism.


Architects - Roman Leonidov, Sergey Krasnokutsky
Interior Designer - Olga Budennaya

Photographs and Video

Alexey Knyazev



Countryside residence project "WOOD&STONE"

In a small town in the Moscow suburbs architects Roman Leonidov and Olga Budennaya have created an exquisite residential house with elements of constructivism in its architecture and Art Deco motifs in interior design.
building facade, view to the swimming pool
If you look on the floor layout plan, this building resembles a twin-hulled vessel where two "hulls" of the residential space are connected by the "deck" of the two-level living room open to below. With the only difference that both hulls are turned upside down and form imposing cantilevers which grants the building its dynamic shape.
The asymmetry of the main fa├žade is expertly emphasized by the finishing materials: for the most part, including the entry portal, it is decorated by the light stone.
living room interior design
The ground floor of the building houses common spaces, the second floor is allocated to the bedrooms, children's rooms and a play room. Shifting the main entrance in relation to the central line makes the spacious two-level living room the focal point of the structure. It is separated from the entry zone by the staircase which connects all building levels, including the basement featuring the home theater.
living room interior design
living room interior design, view to the living room and the fireplace
Standard Floor Plans