Half-timbered house - winner in the "Beautiful Wooden Houses 2020" contest in the "Architectural Work" category.
Roman Leonidov
Roman Leonidov, Sofia Leonidova, Vladimir Gramadskikh
Perhaps, "Manor house" is quite a strong name for this house in Antonovka as it was conceived as a weekend retreat. It contains only the most must-have elements for living - a small living room with a kitchen-dining area, master bedroom, two children's rooms and the main element of this project - inner yard or patio.
Since the client is quite an enthusiastic traveler, he was quite keen on the idea of having a place that during the long winter evenings would remind him about the time that he'd spent in Bali, Thailand and some other exotic lands. Thus the main accent on the courtyard as the central element of this structure.
The half-timber method is one of our favorite techniques which allows architects the most freedom in realization of almost any task.
inner courtyard
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