Our first project in the half-timbered houses line. Guest house with a large BBQ terrace.


Architect - Roman Leonidov
Interior Designer - Olga Budennaya

Photographs and Video

Alexey Knyazev




For this guest house the construction site location has been chosen on a bank of a lake situated next to the land plot. On the one hand, such location provided some visual privacy from the new building to the main house; on the other - let the guests enjoy the view.
wooden house, Roman Leonidov Architects
At the same time, contrary to the main residence, it was decided to use timber as the principal building material for the one-story guest house - the projects authors opted for it due to its exceptional environmental friendliness, natural beauty of its color, and ideal correspondence to the purpose of the building. Indeed - which material can be more fitting for a guest house on a shore of a lake than wood?
wooden house, floor-to-ceiling windows
Full timber construction - especially if built utilizing a traditional Russian technique (erected on beams) - could be accomplished by the authors in the "Russian Style". However the architects deliberately preferred to distance themselves from such predetermined course and bluntness: the living room is being dominated by the modern minimalist forms and shapes, and the bedroom interiors are decorated rather in the French countryside spirit.
dining room interior design, floor-to-ceiling windows
ground plan with furniture arrangement
This ambiance is being created by the wrought-iron headboards, large-flowered curtains pattern, delicate vanity tables and miniature bedside cabinets. The guest house features two bedrooms - "pink" and "green": needless to say that walls in one bedroom are painted delicate pink and the other - light green; the same color theme applies to the bathrooms located next to them.