Minimalist countryside house.


Architect - Roman Leonidov
Interior Designer - Olga Budennaya

Photographs and Video

Alexey Knyazev



Countryside house project "PARALLEL"

Contemporary concise building solved as a composition of simple rectangular spaces in an eco-friendly minimalist style.
BBQ terrace
Floor-to-ceiling windows unite the interior space with the landscape. Only natural materials - stone and wood - were used in the façade finish.
Abundance of light and air, precise proportions, strict lines grant the house its pronounced personality.
main entrance, garage drive-way, paving
The house was planned as a composition of overlapping split-level architectural spaces. Each of those has its own functional objective. Function of each space is emphasized by the finish of its façade - travertine, larch wood or floor-to-ceiling windows.
swimming pool building, inner courtyard
facade detail, BBQ, inner courtyard
view to the inner courtyard, floor-to-ceiling windows, BBQ swimming pool building
Gorgeous two-level living room/dining room open to below accentuates the size of the house. The rest area placed by the panoramic window with its suspended fireplace and leather armchairs is emphasized by the ceiling drop. This technique lends the living room its intimate and cozy feel.
living room/dining room, fireplace, glass fencing of the second floor
Each bedroom is decorated in its own color palette.
staircase, glass fencing
Standard Floor Plans