Danilov's Mansion
Minimalist-style countryside house.


Architects - Roman Leonidov, Pavel Sorokovov

Photographs and Video

Sofia Leonidova



Danilov's Mansion

Not far from Moscow, Roman Leonidov and Pavel Sorokovov have created a house in the avant-garde style, which at that has a very traditional name inherent to the era of the —Āzarist Russia - Danilov's Mansion. In the area where most houses were built in the typical classic style, having a designer avant-garde mansion is a way to stand out.
kitchen-front terrace, countryside residence
To free up more space for the future garden, the house is shifted closer to the neighbors' property and the garage is placed at an angle to the main building - as a whole, the floor layout follows the geometry of the land plot. The ground floor hosts common spaces and guest bedrooms, while the master bedroom and the children's rooms are located on the second floor, and utility rooms and a gym - on the basement level.
The focal point of the structure is the double cantilever beam levitating in the air.
side facade, view to the living room from the outside, cantilever beams, floor-to-ceiling windows
The second floor is more spacious than the first one. Heavy cantilever beams hang over the ground level which is set back and has floor-to-ceiling windows almost throughout the entire perimeter - making the glass corner the only support for the heavy beams! Instinctively, you perceive it as if the cantilever beams have one white support in the middle.
Standard Floor Plans