Minimalist countryside residence.


Architect - Roman Leonidov
Interior Designer - Anastasia Leonidova

Photographs and Video

Alexey Knyazev



Contemporary countryside residence project "OAKLAND house"

This house by Roman Leonidov can be described by two words - simplicity and serenity.
building facade, view to the swimming pool, landscape design
The building is located on the short side of a rectangular land plot in a way that allows to keep a large part of the territory as the private grounds; besides, it blocks out heavily overbuilt neighboring plots.
The walls of the house are finished in natural wood of a vibrant brick-red color that looks cheerful even in the most grey weather.
view to the terrace in front of the kitchen and the living room, summer terrace, view to the swimming pool
Most of the residential space is located at the right angle to the back-wall, while directly behind it is situated the swimming pool. Such L-shaped composition made it possible to have all rooms facing the private and cozy inner yard.
main facade
living room interior design - view to the main window pane
Finishing materials applied for the fa├žades are instrumental in the decor of the interior design. And here the clients had one additional request: they wanted the interior not only look completely modern, but also demonstrate quite strong ethnic motifs. The reason for that was that the owners of the house are collecting artwork from Asia and Africa and intend to "exhibit" part of their collection.
Master bedroom is also decorated in the colonial style - the designer hand-picked the furniture for it and created a very unusual ceiling: she placed inside the narrow and shallow niches piercing the room from wall to wall timber beams making the ceiling resemble either a tribal necklace or a a skeleton of a prehistoric animal.
bedroom interior design
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