Contemporary countryside residence inspired by works of Frank Lloyd Wright.


Architects - Roman Leonidov, Svetlana Fiantseva
Interior Designer - Elena Volgina

3D Graphics

House Rendering - Alexander Shutegov
Interior Design Rendering - Ivan Popov



Contemporary countryside residence project

This impressive countryside house has been constructed in a picturesque area not far from Moscow. Only eco-friendly materials have been used during the construction and finishing of this building: stone, wood, metal and plastering. A separate unit attached to the main building houses a spa area.
main building facade
Functionally, the house is divided into common and private zones.
building facade element, floor-to-ceiling windows, view to the bedroom from the outside, terrace
inner terrace, tree in a planter, outside furniture
Functionally, the interior space is divided into two parts: common areas consisting of living/dining room and the kitchen (the latter can be isolated by a partition), and a private zone. The rooms have a distinguished and to a certain degree reserved look.
interior design of the living room/dining room, view to the living room, lamp
Decoration utilizes modern materials with peculiar textures: slate, natural wood, metal, design panels. The interior design color palette is rather reserved - shades of white stand in contrast with chocolate-brown and grey colors.
Standard Floor Plans