This house combines traditional and modernist trends in the architecture of the residential buildings.


Architect - Roman Leonidov

Photographs and Video

Kirill Ovchinnikov



wooden house project "LOCOMOTION"

In this project of a wooden house build of rounded log architect Roman Leonidov for the first time attempted to combine traditional and modern methods of wooden houses construction. Elements of the framework made of laminated beam allowed to piece together a traditional Russian log house and modern large pane windows filling the building with light and air.
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wooden house
The ground floor houses the common areas, on the second floor are located master bedroom, children's rooms, a study and a playroom, with a library in the mezzanine level of the living room. Shifting the main entrance in relation to the central line accounts for the spacious two-level living room becoming the focal point of the composition, the principal element connecting all building levels together.
view to the terrace in front of the living room, swimming pool
Standard Floor Plans