Countryside house in the Hi-Tech style


Architect - Roman Leonidov
Interior Designer - Sergey Tsarkov

3D Graphics

House Rendering - Artem Shpilko
Interior Design Rendering - Alexander Shutegov



Contemporary countryside residence project in the HI-Tech style

The house was created for a client who is an avid collector of rare automobiles and motorcycles. To accommodate them, the architect has planned a special garage-museum.
terrace in front of the kitchen, contemporary countryside residence
Both outside and interior design are characterized by modernity and dynamics - resulting in the complete look of the building. Its style is based on the combination of metal, wood and non-treated concrete surfaces.
living room interior design, floor-to-ceiling windows
The interior design is simple and reserved. The rooms are furnished only with the most necessary objects. Bold play of shapes and materials granted the house its distinct personality making it the most significant showpiece in the owner's collection.
interior design of the kitchen/dining room, sofa room, stairs
Standard Floor Plans