The house is built with an eye to traditions of organic architecture: it ideally blends in with the natural landscape, and for its finish we have mostly used natural materials.


Architect - Roman Leonidov

3D Graphics

Building Rendering - Mikhail Churilov
Interior Design Rendering - Vitaly Bydantsev



wooden house project "Hobbit hall"

This project that the architect has initially planned to use for his own house combines advanced and modern "green" roof with nostalgic motifs.
building facade, terrace in front of the entrance
Two lateral fa├žades on the long side of the building are vertically cut off; large windows and sliding doors in the wooden walls make it easy to air and light the house. The roof eaves stretch far over the long side protecting the boarded terraces from the weather. On one side the floor deck is located on the level of the ground and allows easy access to the terrace through the sliding door of the living room; while on the other side next to the main entrance leading to the ante-room are placed two half meter high deck-chairs/benches.
The purpose of the turf roof in not limited by the aesthetics: in the winter it preserves the heat and in the summer cools the building down.
living room interior design, sofa, fireplace, view to the kitchen
The interior design is pointedly low-key and practical: the ceiling arch is faced with ply wood, some of the partitions are made of pressed wood; supported by hinges cables of mismatching lamps, a refrigerator styled as one of the old Soviet models and a wood stove complete the look and feel of a retro summer house.
view to the kitchen from the living room, open shelves, sofa
Standard Floor Plans