Guest house with a large BBQ terrace.


Architect - Roman Leonidov
Interior Designer - Anastasia Leonidova

3D Graphics

Vitaly Bydantsev



Guest house "Forester shack"

This guest house planned by Roman Leonidov Architects is inspired by its predecessor - the main residence - however the signature techniques are elaborated in a creative way.
боковой фасад дома
The guest house is located on the same grounds as the main residence. Since its main purpose is to accommodate guests, it was placed at a certain distance from the main building marking its territory by means of the landform.
The façade is finished with slate, beam and laminated wood.
фасад дома, бетонный балки, скатная крыша
The ground floor is built of stone. For the most part, it is occupied by a unified space of the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. The second floor is wooden and is connected to the first level by a concrete cantilevered staircase. It accommodates several bedrooms with connecting bathrooms.
интерьер гостиной с выходом на террасу
интерьер столовой-кухни, обеденная зона, кухня, деревя в кадках
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