Our first project to demonstrate that concrete is an excellent material for a façade finish.


Architects - Roman Leonidov, Sergey Mozheyko

Photographs and Video

Alexey Knyazev




Exposed to nature, blending in with the landscape, this house represents the idea of the open space - flowing unconfined environment.
view to the inner envelope, concrete fencing
The house if located on a plot of land that has a challenging tapered shape. Semi-transparent walls are facing the forest. In the strict symmetry of the façade architect Sergey Mozheyko has combined perfect geometrical forms. If you look at the layout plan, the house is a segment of a circle - which makes it difficult to comprehend its actual size.
The main façade featuring a huge square window pane is facing the street side.
interior design of the living room/dining room, fireplace, two-level living room open to below
In the center of the house there is a very large living room with seven-meter high windows. The magnitude of the glass walls creates an impression of complete openness. This becomes even more obvious in the darkness with full lighting on - the building seems to levitate in the night.
Interior design of the living room/dining room, fireplace, dining table, sofa
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