The building is completed with an eye on the organic architecture traditions: it ideally blends with the landscape and vastly utilizes natural materials in its finish.


Architects - Roman Leonidov, Svetlana Fiantseva
Interior Designer - Tatiana Raleva

3D Graphics

Vitaly Bydantsev



Contemporary residence project "DIVER house"

The house is located in the forest next to a dam lake which accounts for very pleasurable walks in the area. A large terrace circling the building allows for various activities not only inside, but also outside the house.
main building facade with a terrace
The color palette consists of hushed black-chalk tones complemented with wooden shades.
The house boasts the unmatched feeling of light and air.
view to the garage, semicircle roof, floor-to-ceiling windows
The interior design was influenced by the architecture and the fa├žade finish. The outside wall facing of the natural wood and rough stone is echoed in the interior decor.
living room interior design
Standard Floor Plans