DELTA - 80
Hi-tech half-timbered house.


Architects - Roman Leonidov, Pavel Sorokovov, Natalia Kharlamova
Interior Designer - Svetlana Fiantseva

3D Graphics

Pavel Sorokovov



Half-timbered house project "DELTA - 80"

"Delta - 80" project opens a new series of half-timbered houses, different in size and number of floors.
building facade, terrace in front of the living room
This one-story building functionally and visually is divided into two parts: common areas and private rooms. Although the floor space of the building is quite modest, smart layout planning providing for all necessities makes this house very comfortable and appealing.
A large number of windows helps to unify the interior design with the surrounding landscape.
living room interior design
The owners of the house - a young couple with children - value minimalism, order and open space. All three of these characteristics are almost ideally realized in this house - both in its exterior look and interior design.
Standard Floor Plans