DELTA - 250
Luxurious ultra-modern half-timbered house.


Architects - Roman Leonidov, Pavel Sorokovov
Interior Designer - Elena Volgina


Pavel Sorokovov




Beam-frame house DELTA-250 gives a new meaning to using wood in architecture. The building is two-story with a weather shelter for a vehicle. Prominent spaces of the kitchen/living room and a balconied bedroom account for a impressive composition. Some elements of the weight-bearing frame have been deliberately left uncovered to emphasize the building structure.
building facade, terrace in front of the living room
Pent roofs of the main building and the vehicle shed are made of zinc-coated steel and form a distinctive dramatic shape of the house.
The building is finished with modern and eco-friendly materials - laminated beam and metal.
building facade with a view to the living room
building facade with a car shed
Functionally, the house is divided into common and private areas. The ground floor accommodates the entry zone including wind lobby, cloak room, ante-room and a guest bathroom. On the second floor are located the hallway and three bedrooms, each with its own walk-in closet and a bathroom.
living room interior design - view to the main window pane
Standard Floor Plans