DELTA - 150
Ultra-modern half-timbered house.


Architects - Roman Leonidov, Pavel Sorokovov
Interior Designer - Elena Volgina

3D Graphics

Pavel Sorokovov



Half-timbered house project "DELTA - 150"

"Delta" house series combines modern architectural approach and utilization of eco-friendly materials. Half-timbered method allows for maximum glass surfaced in a wooden house providing for visual contact with the nature.
building facade, terrace in front of the living room
Delta - 150 is a one-story structure with a weather-shelter for a vehicle covered with a pent roof.
The building is finished with eco-friendly materials - laminated beam, ply wood and metal.

Pent roof allows for varying the ceiling height depending on the function of the room.
building facade, car shed
Functionally, the house is divided into common and private areas.
rear building facade, car shed, pitched roof, laminated beam
The ceiling is at its highest in the living-room with gradual decline towards the kitchen and the entry zone.
living room interior design, sofa, fireplace, view to the dining room, deer wire sculpture, floor lamp
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