Exercise in classic architecture successfully completed by Roman Leonidov Architects.


Architect - Roman Leonidov

Photographs and Video

Sofia Leonidova



House in the classic style

A "timeless" house - such assignment phrasing by the client determined both the main idea and the task for the architect. This idea isn't a new one, but with each new change in circumstances it retains its significance and presents a new challenge to the architect.
inner courtyard, view to the terrace in front of the living room
On the one hand, the choice of the "classic theme" was obvious as classic ideas are eternal, fundamental and essential as opposed to random characteristics of coming and going fashions. The house was being constructed in already built-over community, in its wooded area. Significant ground space of the land plot allowed to realize not only the horizontal composition, but also place the main building and its extension broadwise, thus facing it towards the forest.
inner courtyard, view from the terrace to the swimming pool
The finish of the house features "ageless" materials - hand-made brick and natural stone. Utilizing stone in the fa├žade finish emphatically brings out classic forms and details. The whole look of the house seems reserved, laconic and balanced due to the light-stone facing and warm brick color palette.
view to the extension building and the living room
main facade, view to the extension building
awning in the extension building
Standard Floor Plans