Minimalist-style house. One of the least spacious projects in the architectural bureau's portfolio, but one of its most successes notwithstanding.


Architect - Roman Leonidov
Interior Designer - Vadim Kasyanov

Photographs and Video

Alexey Knyazev




The choice of the building shape was to a large extent dictated by the outside conditions, partly - by the landform, and finally by the authors' intention to minimize intervention in the surrounding landscape.
side facade, summer terrace
The self-sufficient vertical lines of the trees growing on the plot are countered by Roman Leonidov with the horizontally-oriented structure. And while the garage can be interpreted as a stand-alone one-story cube, to the residential area the architect lends a more complex geometry. Inside the main two-level unit faced - just like the garage - by the larch planks, he embeds a concrete rectangular block on the ground-floor level.
With the purpose of giving enough open-air space to the resting areas of the top level, the architect extends the slab of the intermediate floor to the maximum.
living room interior design, armchair
The interior design is based on the mixture of furniture objects of various styles. They can be well combined with one another, moved, interchanged to recreate and modify the space.
living room interior design
The interior d├ęcor finish is almost non-present - the background of the house itself serves this purpose.
kitchen interior design, unconventional armchair
Frosted glass partitions logically separate common space from the master bedroom, nursery, study and the main bathroom.
Standard Floor Plans