Small wooden frame house. Barnhouse.


Architect - Roman Leonidov

3D Graphics

Roman Leonidov



Contemporary wooden house project "BEEHIVE"

This house in the Moscow suburbs as envisioned by its owners was to reflect their desire to live and work far from the big city. The narrowness of the land plot determined the shape of the building elongated along the north to south line of the grounds. Untypically for the countryside, the main fa├žade of the house, the large terrace and big window panes are facing the outskirts of the village looking out on a field and the woods on the horizon.
building facade
Creative frame design allows for alternating the wooden lining of the walls: rough plank sections are adjacent to the regular rake siding.
The building looks particularly spectacular in the darkness.
building facade in the night lighting
Spacious terraces of the first and second floors are sheltered from the neighbors by the construction, and together with the house itself create a simple concise shape covered by a saddle roof without any distinctive eaves. Simplicity of constructive solutions was also one of the main considerations during the project planning. A frame building with wood-lined walls is erected on the piled foundation. The uncovered socle level grants the building its levitating look.
lateral building facade - view to the terraces
The interior design is also supposed to emphasize the concise simplicity of the building. The walls and the ceilings are lined with match-board. Large windows serve as the focal points uniting the interiors with the outside terraces and the landscape. Wooden decor elements complemented by the soft folds of the draperies.
living room interior design with a view to the kitchen
Standard Floor Plans