Experimental project of a wood-frame countryside house.


Architect - Roman Leonidov

3D Graphics

Vitaly Bydantsev




Roman Leonidov has planned this unconventional countryside house of a complex dynamic shape without a particular land plot or client in mind. Complete creative freedom resulted in a very vigorous shape that looks ready to take off at any given moment - so much energy and speed are imbedded in its graphic lines.
фасад дома, деревянные дом необычной формы, дом среди сосен
фасад дома, навес для автомобиля, панорамное остекление
Notwithstanding its seeming complexity, the house possesses clear and easy layout of the interiors, accommodating all that is necessary for comfortable living. Behind the glass façade of the ground floor are situated a spacious living room and a kitchen with a dining zone. Private spaces are concealed by solid wooden walls.
интерьер гостиной, необычный камин, комод
Standard Floor Plans