Project of a house that combines metal frame and wooden walls.


Architect - Roman Leonidov
Interior Designer - Svetlana Fiantseva

3D Graphics

Vitaly Bydantsev



contemporary house project adial

This project was designed for a very demanding client respectful of traditions, but keeping in tune with the time. Concrete elements give the wooden-metal frame of the building a modern twist. They emphasize the light construction in the best possible way and give a feeling of novelty to a familiar wooden house.
главный фасад дома, терраса, панорамное остекление
The building is one-story which calls for utilizing the inner floor space to the fullest. Mild slope of the pent roof and floor-to-ceiling windows account for a light and cozy interior environment. Large roof overhangs cover the BBQ zone and the parking space.
The horizontal elongation of the building provides for its rapport with the landscape, contrary to the vertical structure of a big city.
задний фасад дома, скатная крыша, подъездная дорога к дому, навес для автомобитей
The interior design appeals to an intelligent onlooker appreciating the fact that comfort and aesthetics go hand in hand. The main emphasis in the interior decor is places on expensive and practical materials, such as wood, leather, wool, and bronze. Using concrete not only as a constructive, but also as a decorative material links the interior to the the architecture of the façade.
интерьер гостиной - вид на главный витраж
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