Small corporate hotel on the bank of the Yenisei River.


Architects - Roman Leonidov, Svetlana Fiantseva, Mikhail Churilov
Interior Designer - Svetlana Fiantseva

3D Graphics

Pavel Sorokovov



Abakan hotel project

To reach this location, first you have to take a flight and after that a long drive to the east! With no sky-scrapers around and far from thousands of vehicles, you can enjoy the views of real full of life steppe in all its beauty.
main facade with entrance to the terrace
The building consists of separate units broadly set on the grounds. They are being united into single composition by large glassed terraces oriented in line with the land form.
Just looking at the layout you can feel breadth and openness.
living room interior design with the view to the main window pane
The interior design concept is founded on the principles of minimalism complemented by floor-to ceiling windows with the glass dominating all other materials. The only liberty - usage of brick - was not accidental. Its fine shape accounts for blending the building in with the landscape and retaining the right scale in the interior spaces.
Standard Floor Plans